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Women in Business, RI Monthly April 2006

Women in Business

When people interested in stone walls, patios or any other stone projects, visit AStone, they often look around for a male face to advise them. “The last thing they expect to see are women,” said Paula Abatacola-Corsi, who owns and operates Rhode Island’s largest stone provider with sister Linda Abatacola-Tusup. But as the sisters guide guests through the hundreds of choices, customers immediately feel at ease.“Because we’re knowledgeable about stone and its applications, we are just as comfortable talking with homeowners as we are with masons and architects. We understand their language.” It is a lan- guage taught to the sisters by their father, Arnold Abatacola, founder of AStone. “Our father always stressed the importance of customer service,” said Linda. Rhode Is- land’s only winner of the Marble Institute of America’s prestigious Pinnacle Award, AStone is the source for all your stone needs. Read more....

Kitchen Design Winner

Our Award-Winning Kitchen Design

This is the kitchen design and implementation for which we received the Award of Excellence. The artistic design for this upscale kitchen called for a curved seam on both the countertop and the floor where differing materials would meet for visual interest. The countertop features two different granites in two different finishes: polished Verde Tunas and honed Sunset. The black granite floor tiles match the countertop and abut the hardwood in curves reflective of the counter top design. The curved seams posed substantial fabrication challenges, and AStone performed nearly every aspect of the job by hand. The choice of bonding agent was another challenge, which AStone solved by using black epoxy.

Marble Institute of America Award of Excellence

Marble Institute of America Award of Excellence

The 2002 Pinnacle Award of Excellence for a Residential Interior.

Stone Magazine On the Cover

Stone Magazine - On the Cover

December, 2002 issue. Front cover article about our award winning kitchen design.

Stone Magazine

Stone Magazine

Stone Magazine personalities review featured Arnold Abatecola, President in the November 15, 2002 issue. Read this Article

Providence Business News

"Built on stone, his business is never dull"

June 4-June 10, 2001 - Read this article